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Santa Claus Boots


There is a lot more to Santa Claus than the suit. By the same token, there is a lot more to a pair of Santa Claus boots than black and white. Santa Claus boots complete the look and provide authenticity to any Santa suit. For the economic Santa Claus our boot tops are a great accent, providing the Santa Claus boot look to any footwear. For the pros, our actual Santa Claus boots are comfortable enough to wear on any occasion.


Our Santa Claus boots are made exclusively for the holidays by 1031 Shoes, a quality boot maker known throughout the industry. Realistic white fur trim lines the top of these boots, contrasting nicely with the charcoal black shine of the boot body. No matter which Santa Claus boots you buy, they are sure to attract attention at the holiday party. No Santa Claus Suit is complete without a pair of Santa Claus Boots. You will be tiptoeing across rooftops in style! Get your pair today at below North Pole prices! is your direct distributor of Halco and Rubies Santa items. We provide our customers with high quality costumes for the lowest price possible while giving superior service and customer care. Contact today to order your Santa Claus Suits, Santa Glasses, Toy Sacks and other great Santa Claus accessories!