Intex Deluxe Krystal Clear Saltwater System

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by Ann on 9/6/13
I have had this system now for 4 years and have had no problems at all. My pool is 15' by 4' and my water is always crystal clear.
Art Director
by Chris Ficken on 7/26/13
We've run this magic machine for over 3 years without one problem. As long as you listen to what it says, and use vinegar on the elements a few times a summer, it just takes care of your pool. One of the amazing things is that the light saline water doesn't bother your sinuses at all and actually feels good when it goes up your nose, and no chlorine eyes. The water doesn't really seem to bother the plants either. I will never do chlorine again. I can't tell enough people about it and the low price!
We love Saltwater
by Trish J on 3/4/13
I have a 15'x 4' Intex Metal Frame pool with the 1000gph filter. We bought the Saltwater Chlorinator because I didn't want to deal with all the chemicals with a regular pool. It was overwhelming to see all the things you had to buy and I didn't want to have to overthink my pool.

We have been using this for over a month and it is wonderful. I used the chart to put in the proper amount of salt, added the salt to fresh water and let it dissolve completely overnight. We got in the next day and played in the water for a bit to make sure it was well dissolved and mixed around and it was. We used Mortons Pool Salt which we found at our local home improvement store. I put in about 100lbs of salt. Ran it for the first time with no issues. Set up was easy once we read the instructions.

I have had no problems with error lights or anything. One time I had the low flow light, but I checked my filter and it was really dirty, cleaned it and it was off and running again. I look forward to my 93 reading every morning. I have my pump on a timer and the chlorinator comes on in the middle of the 6 hour pump cycle I run.

The only chemicals I have had to add was CY when I first started since we live where it is HOT and SUNNY. My chlorine was disappearing within a few hours when it was 110 degrees outside. Now it stays in a safe level until the next day. I usually run it for 3 hours a day. Haven't noticed a difference in my electric bill of any consequence. I also have to add acid when my pH is off. I check the chlorine and pH every morning when I go out to skim the pool. I have yet to shock the pool, crystal clear water, so haven't seen the need.

My kids love the salt water. The little one swims with her eyes open and they don't get red or irritated like they do at regular pools. I can taste the salt a bit in the water, but I don't mind. I am an ocean girl at heart and it isn't near the saltiness of the ocean.

I am very happy with my purchase. I hope to get at least 2 seasons out of this, we will see how it goes as time goes by and I will update if things change from how they are now.
Chlorine Generator review
by Birchbaybill on 3/4/13
Yuma is the warmest city in the country. From May to September every day the temp is 100 or higher. Our new chlorine generator took some training, but we think we got it. For our pool the instructions suggest a three hour daily run. We've settled on six for now. Our pool gets up to 94 or so and chlorine has been a budget item, so our new (automatic) toy is totally welcome.
Saltwater System
by Carajean on 3/4/13
Finally! This is just what I was looking for.
Salt water system
by K K on 3/1/13
This the way to go. I have a salt water system it is great. One time maintenance for my pool. Only have to change out filters. I have saved money by not having to buy chemicals for my pool. The salt water is very natural. Im very satisfied. This is my second year using the system.
by Erik L. on 3/1/13
This will be our 3rd year using the Intex Krystal Clear Saltwater system in our 18 ft Intex easy set pool and we absolutely love it! You may have to adjust the acid/alkalinity level of your pool based on the water you use to fill it, but the saltwater chlorination process works fabulously. The water stays crystal clear and I don't have to worry about any algae buildup whatsoever. If rain water gets into your pool, you will eventually need to add salt, but the system monitor will tell you that the level is low. For the 18 foot pool that is 48 inches deep, I mix in 120 pounds (3 bags approx $6-$10 per bag retail ) of Morton brand or Diamond Crystal brand Pool Salt--the bags are specifically marked "Pool Salt" so don't confuse it with other bagged softener salt--and then have a fourth bag on hand which lasts the rest of our short June-early Sept. season here in Minnesota. One note, you may receive a chilly reception if you inquire about salt based systems at any of the brick and mortar pool stores that supply chlorine to their customers, and they will try to talk you out of a salt-water system; don't listen--you won't regret the ease of use and low maintenance benefits of the Intex Krystal Clear Saltwater System/Chlorinator! Running the chlorinator 3-4 hours/day for the 18' x 48" deep easy set pool is enough to keep it well chlorinated. Did we mention no storage of dangerous chemicals?! Totally worth the price.

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Intex Krystal Clear Deluxe Saltwater System

- Requires 1000-4000 GPH Filter Pump
- Fits pools with 1.25" or 1.5" D hoses
- Uses saline conversion to chlorinate pool

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